True Power

True Power

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhymes from another time

Sometimes when an active thunderstorm rolls into our community, we lose electricity to a fallen branch. All technology comes to a standstill. Televisions are silenced. Computers are in a coma. What is left is for the family to entertain ourselves and it is usually me, by popular demand, who fills the space with tall tales of years past. From a young age to impending adulthood, my girls have never tired of my stories.

Once when the electricity was off it was during daylight hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My middle child had the brilliant idea of going through my senior memory book. I knew there would be jokes and jeering at my expense. I also wanted to visit for a moment that pubescent teen all full of something to see how much I had changed.

Page after page of torture I laughed with my children as they laughed at my hilarious youth. I relived times I thought were detestable and realized they were "the good ole days."

Hairstyles have changed along with favorite songs. Pick up lines from eager young men do not rhyme anymore. No thought or preparation for how to win the affection of the fairer sex. The little gang, made up of five girls I belonged to existed in name only (The Black Widow Spiders). There was no violence just a way to try to seem exclusive and popular with what we considered a cool name.

Football season as well as basketball season was truly spent cheering on the team. Now teens gather in the dark secret places hoping to make love connections. Times have changed that is for sure. But what is old is new again it is just the book cover that has changed.

Kids still strive to be popular but now it is at someone else's expense. to hear that suicides results from severe bullying makes me wish my kids were part of the good ole days. I still see kids practicing the latest dance and they sing the latest song. Dances now-a-days is to send the message "Hey look at me I'm sexy" and the lyrics to their music is a competition of vulgarity.

Well when the twist and rock and roll entered the scene parents believed the youth were going to hell. It is still the same now, people believe hip hop will kill.

I lived and survived the world spinning out of control with sin. And somehow someway our kids will make it too.

So here is a peek into my 17 year old life. I promise you I have matured but when I read this I smile with delight.

PERFECT MAN PRAYER----By Dorothy, 1983.

Lord help my searching eyes to see
That special man who’s right for me
Lord also help my wondering mind
To find that man who’s oh so kind
Lord bless him with good looks and charm
A gentle heart and loving arms
One who give good lovin all day long
Sexy, caring, nice and strong
Lord once I get him if I do
Make his love for me pure and true
Lord bless with an everlasting love
The kind that’s sent only from above
May we blend together like bread and meat
Make him nor me ever desire to cheat
Lord make his kiss as sweet as honey
I wouldn’t mind if he had some money
If things don’t work out on my own I’ll find another
Because there is nothing like a steady lover.


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